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Mononoke + MTG = Win


Mononoke + MTG = Win

How do planeswalkers manage to bring items/people with them when they planeswalk? To my understanding, the Blind Eternities are a pretty chaotic place, and without a spark, you aren't going to survive them long enough to get from one plane to the other. So how does Vraska carry her trophies around with her? What's Gideon going to do when he finally finds the one thing that'll help him fight the Eldrazi? So many questions!



The way we generally think of it internally is this:

Planeswalkers can bring some amount of nonliving items with them when they planeswalk. Not a lot, but some. If Chandra wanted to planeswalk away from Kephalai with a scroll, she could. Planeswalkers still have pants on when they arrive somewhere, so, I mean, yeah. But there’s a limit. Chandra couldn’t bring with her, say, a city block.

Unless something special is going on, planeswalkers can’t bring living beings with them. Only beings with active planeswalker sparks can leave a plane and travel to another one (except for weird and very rare exceptions, such as the Eldrazi titans, or someone with access to some kind of gate).

Note that summoning creatures is not planeswalking. When you create a baloth out of the aether and have it fight for you, you’re magically creating an instance of baloth-ness, even if you’re summoning it while on Theros and you learned about baloths back on Zendikar. There is not one less baloth on Zendikar due to your summoning spell on Theros — Theros is just +1 baloth, thanks to you making a new one. However, summoned creatures tend to stop existing after a while — they last for a while, long enough to fight for you in a duel or whatever, but not forever.

There’ve been other models of how summoning and planeswalking work, but that’s how we generally think of them on the team these days.

Because this is information that definitely needs to be put out into the aether.

When an opponent is looking for someone to attack and you’re completely open


I want to name my child after this. Nobody would make fun of them. 

"Dad, the kids at school are making fun of me again"
"You have an extra turn and Annihilator 6, sort it out yourself!"



Are you a relatively new deck builder? Do you feel like when you step into an FNM that your deck ideas are just, well, not working out like they should? Do you feel like the decks of other players are just way beyond yours?


It’s probably because your deck is lacking focus…

M:TG Korlash, heir to Blackblade

M:TG Korlash, heir to Blackblade

M:TG Elves of Deep Shadow

M:TG Elves of Deep Shadow

When will we finally meet the Lhurgoyfatog?


The world isn’t ready yet.

When you scry into a good card